Guldastah-yi-Ishq-i-Mawla Vol-1

Ginan, qasidah and manqabat, in reality, are the same thing. They have the same purpose, in which are included several precious gems, such as the pure life of the soul of faith, paradisiacal wine of the love of Mawla, effacement and annihilation, cure of the germs of negligence and insinuation by the fire of love, knowledge for the intellect and ‘ibadat for the soul (as the Imam is the supreme Name of God), spiritual progress, the vision of the beloved in the form of love, precious pearls of tears, satisfaction of the heart, and many, many more.

What is called by God “ashaddu hubban lillah, i.e. they are most staunch in mahabbat for God” (2:165), certainly this mahabbat is nothing but ‘ishq-i ilahi (ardent Divine love). And it is also known that Divine love is through the Prophet and love for the Prophet is through the Imam, and there is no other way to it. Thus the love for the exalted Imam has three great virtues. First of all, it is the love for the Imam himself, secondly the love for the Prophet and thirdly, the love for God. Thus it becomes known with certainty that in the praise of the Imam (manqabat) is hidden the praise of the Prophet (na‘t) and in the praise of the Prophet, the praise of God (hamd). What greater bliss than this is possible!

Gems of Ma’rifat (Preface)

Guldastah-yi-Ishq-i-Mawla Vol-1

Ishq (Love for God, the Prophet and the Imam)

O the light of my eyes! Study the blessed words of verse (2:165) carefully: “And those who believe are strongest in love for Allah.” The holy Qur’an also says that love for God is not possible directly, it is possible only through the Prophet (3:31) and the real love for the Prophet according to the indication of the sound Ahadith is possible through the love for the ahl-i bayt. Thus in verse (2:165): “And those who believe are strongest in love for Allah” is the mention of friendship and love for God, the Prophet and the Imam, with which the people of faith are blessed.

Thousand Wisdoms 579 (309)