Bukiyy (sing. bākīn) Weeping, one who weeps:

In verse (19:58) there is the mention of tender heartedness, humility and weeping of the Prophets and the friends of God in these words: “Whenever the āyāt (verses) of the Compassionate were recited to them, they fell down, prostrating themselves and weeping.” It should be noted that there are different kinds of love: intoxicating love, insane love and love with humility, love with recognition and love with gratitude. What type of love did the Prophets have?

Thousand Wisdoms 175


Tawbah Weeping in Divine love:

In verse (2:222) God says: “Verily, Allah loves those who do tawbah often and loves those who clean themselves.” External tawbah and physical cleanliness alone cannot be sufficient for the friendship of God unless there is tawbah (return to God) with ardent love and recognition and complete purity of soul and intellect.

Thousand Wisdoms 235