Ashaddu hubban li’llāh The strongest in love for God:

In verse (2:165) God praises the intensity of the love of mu’mins for Allah by saying “They are strongest in love for God”. Such mu’mins are in fact the true and ardent lovers of God. Further in the same sūrah, in verse (2:200) the mu’mins are commanded to remember God as they remember their fathers, rather more intensely (aw ashadda dhikrā). There are many ways in which to accomplish this fruitful and extremely useful act. One most effective way is giryah-u zārī, i.e. weeping and shedding tears with humility, which melts the carnal soul very easily and results in remembrance of God and intense and ardent love for Him.

Thousand Wisdoms 69


Ajnihah (sing. janāh) Wing, arm:

See verse (35:1): “Praise belongs to Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, Who made the angels with wings, two, three and four.” Here it is important to note that the wings of angels are not like those of birds. Rather, they fly by (the power of) Divine remembrance (dhikr-i ilāhī). Therefore, the two names of dhikr are called two wings, three names, three wings and four names, four wings. However, it should be remembered that the dhikr of angels is automatic. That is, the dhikr of the supreme Name (ism-i aczam) continues automatically in their hearts and souls.

Thousand Wisdoms 27