Kursī Personal world:
The blessed and sacred body of the Imam of the time is like a pure ground on which his pure soul as the Universal Soul is a unique kursī (dais) and upon which his perfect intellect as the Universal Intellect is the throne of the personal world. This is the meaning of “His (God’s) kursī comprises the heavens and the earth” (2:255), as it is also said in the Qur’ān that God has encompassed everything in the manifest Imam (36:12).

Thousand Wisdoms 725


cAllama He taught:

If it is accepted that ism-i aczam is in the Āyatu’l-kursī (2:255), then obviously we have to also accept that the ism cannot have any effect without acknowledging its musammā (named one). That is, the verbal ism has no effect without affirming and recognising its musammā, i.e. the living ism-aczam . This is the reason that many people do not benefit from the treasure of ism-i aczam .

Thousand Wisdoms 612