Muhammad Riaz

Kanz Treasure:

It is said in a Hadīth-i qudsī: “I was a hidden treasure, I liked to be recognised, so (for this purpose) I created creatures.”

O the light of my eyes! Try to understand this sacred Hadāth, which is full of secrets from the perspective of the personal world and not from the perspective of the physical world, because it is in the personal world of His friends that He was a hidden treasure and when He created them spiritually and intellectually, He enriched them forever with the treasure of recognition. Thousand wisdom 752

Kanz Treasure, hidden treasure:

The holy Prophet said: “O cAlī, indeed there is a treasure for you in paradise and you are its Dhu’l-Qarnayn (i.e. universal king)”.

There can be many treasures in paradise, but the glad tidings of the holy Prophet which is for the Dhu’l-Qarnayn of paradise is related to the supreme treasure. This greatest and unique treasure, which cannot be described in appropriate terms, is not of silver, gold, gems and pearls, but it is the hidden treasure which is for cAlī and his friends. The characteristic of this treasure is that whoever enters it, finds himself to be that treasure. Thousand wisdom 758

Muhammad Riaz

The Holy Ahl-i Bayt in the Prophetic Traditions”

This extremely useful, luminous and blessed book known as “The Holy Ahl-i Bayt in the Prophetic Traditions” or “A Treasure of Gems of Ahādīth” cannot be described in a few words here. However, when the moths of the lamp of the light of Imamat will study it with ardent love, its significance will be clear to them. Why not? After all, this invaluable treasure consists of those sound Ahādīth, which are about the glory and magnificence of the holy Ahl-i bayt.

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In praise of Imam cAlī

The holy Prophet said to Imam cAlī: “O cAlī! Verily for you there is a treasure in Paradise and verily you are its Dhu’l-Qarnayn, so you must never cast a second glance, because the first is for you and the second is not for you.”

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