Azam Khan

Salāh (pl. salawāt) Knowledge and wisdom:

Before the mention of sending salāh upon the mu’mins, it is commanded in verses (33:41-42): “O you who believe, remember Allah abundantly and do His tasbīh morning and evening”. Then in the following verse (33:43) it is said: “He it is Who sends His blessings on you and His angels also, so that He may bring you out from darknesses (of ignorance) unto light (of knowledge).” That is, God and His great angels (Muhammad (s.a.s.) and the guiding Imams from his progeny) send blessings upon you, in which there is Divine help, success, guidance, knowledge and wisdom. Thousand wisdom 509

Salāh (pl. salawāt) Light of knowledge:

According to the above-mentioned verse, if the purpose of sending salāh or blessing upon mu’mins is to give them the light of knowledge then this only comes through the custodian of tanzil and the custodian of ta’wil, as God commands the holy Prophet in verse (9:103): “And send upon them salāh. Verily your salāh is a source of peace for them.” That is, since the salāh of the holy Prophet is from God, therefore, there is peace and tranquillity for the intellect and soul of the mu’mins. Thousand wisdom 510

Azam Khan

The holy Prophet said to Imam cAlī: “God’s blessing be on he who loves you and believes in you, and woe to he who hates you and belies you.”

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The holy Prophet said: “O Allah! Verily You sent Your blessing, Your mercy, Your forgiveness and Your pleasure upon Ibrāhīm and his progeny. O Allah! They are from me and I am from them. So send Your blessings, mercy, forgiveness and pleasure upon me and them, namely cAlī, Fātimah, Hasan and Husayn.”

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