Abid Karim

Qalb Heart:

In a sacred Hadīth it is said: “I am contained neither by My heaven nor by My earth, but I am contained by the heart of My believing servant.” That is, I am dwelling in the heart of My believing servant. We should know that such a perfect mu’min, in the mirror of whose heart God manifests, is the successor of the holy Prophet, namely the Imam who, in reality, is the mazhar of the Divine Light. Thousand wisdom 693

Istafā – He Chose:

It is mentioned in verses (3:33-34): “Verily, Allah chose Ādam and Nūh and the descendants of Ibrāhīm and the descendants of cImrān above all people.” The chain of the descendants of Ibrāhīm continues through Muhammad (s.a.s.) and his descendants. Thousand wisdom 74.

Abid Karim

The holy Prophet said to Imam cAlī: “Should I not please you, O cAlī? You are my brother and my wazīr. You will settle my debt, fulfil my promise, clear me from my responsibility. Thus, whoever loves you in my life, indeed he fulfils his vow. And whoever loves you in your life after me, God will make his end with peace and faith. And whoever loves you after me and did not see you, God will make his end with peace and faith and render him secure on the Day of Terror. And O cAlī, whoever dies while he hates you, will die a death of ignorance and God will call him to account for what he did in Islam.”
.,.,., 32955 .,.,.,

The holy Prophet said: “I enjoin the walāyat of cAlÄ bin AbĪ Tālib upon whoever believes in me and testifies to my truthfulness. Thus, whoever befriends him, indeed befriends me and whoever befriends me, befriends Allah. And whoever loves him, indeed, loves me and whoever loves me, indeed loves Allah. And whoever hates him, indeed hates me, and whoever hates me, indeed hates Allah, may He be mighty and exalted.”
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