Diwan-i Nasiri
Diwan-i Nasiri

Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir Nasir Hunzai is the author of over a hundred books related to the esoteric interpretation of the Holy Qur’an. He writes both prose as well as poetry. He is the first person to have a Diwan of poetry in Burushaski, his mother tongue, and is known as “Baba-i Burushaski” (Father of Burushaski) for his services to that language. He also composes poetry in three other languages: Urdu, Persian and Turkish.

His contribution to spiritual science is widely recognised. He is the co-author of a German-Burushaski dictionary published by Heidelberg University, Germany and “Hunza Proverbs” published by Calgary University of Canada. He is a recipient of “Sitarah-i Imtiyaz” awarded by the Government of Pakistan for his contribution to literature Beautiful verses from Diwan-i Nasiri (Burushaski)

Suwakuse har durowar mī ruwe chindak gumanis
Surmanas mī numa une gaybe gurin cum dumanis
“(O our Mawla,) be our soul’s support in every good deed
May we initiate the work but its completion be by your invisible hands.”

Nasire isqe kitab ālamar pharīs meymi
Sarūse gaybe jahān cum khabar suwai le sabūr
“The book of Nasir love will spread all over the globe, the good news was brought only yesterday from the invisible world by a messenger angels.”