Baada-i Huran-i Afghan

Hidden Treasure:

158 Question. It is mentioned in the Ahādīth-i Mathnawī that Hazrat David(c) beseeched Allah: O my Lord, why did You create the creature (al-khalq)? He replied: “I was a hidden treasure, I liked to be recognised, so [for this purpose] I created the creature, so that I may be recognised”.  What is the wisdom of this sacred hādīth? Casket of Pearls Volume 1

Hidden Treasure:

158 Answer. The wisdom of this sacred hādīth is that the creatures whom God created for the sake of His recognition are the cārifs. This is a mention of the spiritual creation otherwise for ordinary people He is a hidden treasure even now, because physical creation is not enough for His recognition. The other extremely great wisdom is that one of the blessed names of Almighty God is “kanz” (Treasure), which, however, is only for the people of recognition. Casket of Pearls Volume 1

Baada-i Huran-i Afghan

Walāyat of Imam cAlī

Barā’ bin cĀzib and Zayd bin Arqam reported: When the Prophet alighted at the pond of Khumm, he held the hand of cAlī and said: “Don’t you know that I  have a greater right over the believers than they themselves?” They said: “Yes.” He said: “Don’t you know that I have a greater right over every mu’min than he himself?” They said: “Yes.” He said: “O Allah! He whose mawlā (master) I am cAlī is his mawlā. O Allah! Befriend the one who befriends him, and be the enemy of the one who is his enemy.” Then Ηazrat cUmar met him after that and said to him: “Congratulations! O son of Abū Tālib! you became the mawlā of every believing man and woman.”

….. Mishkāt IV, 548 …..

Imam cAlī – the door of wisdom and the gate of knowledge

The holy Prophet said: “cAlī is the door of my knowledge and the one who explains to my ummah after me what I have been sent with. Love for him is faith and hatred for him is hypocrisy and to look at him is compassion.”

“Aliyyun babu ilmi wa muubinul ummati ma arsilta bihi min baadi
hubhu imanun wa bagzuhu nafakun wanzuru ilayhi rafa tun.”

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